Waste management in South Carelia

Finnish legislation includes requirements for the processing and sorting of waste in order to protect the environment and human health. According to the Waste Act, preventive actions must be taken to minimize the generation of waste, and any waste generated must be recycled adequately.

Littering and leaving waste in the environment and by the road, and burning waste on open fires or in barrels is prohibited by law. All waste must be taken to a waste bin reserved for the purpose.

Separate collection bins are reserved for recoverable materials (cardboard, glass, metal, paper and plastic packaging) wither in the waste shelter of the housing company or at public recycling points. Hazardous waste and toxic substances must not be disposed of as normal waste, but kept separate and taken to a hazardous waste collection point such as a waste centre.

Biodegradable waste must also be separated from other waste and placed in a designated waste bin or composted. Separately collected biowaste is transported to biogas plant, where it is processed into biogas suitable for transport fuel.

According to the Waste Act, disposal of waste at landfills must be reduced significantly. For this reason, dry waste that cannot be used in any other way is turned into energy by burning.

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